7 Things That Women Think Are a Good Idea (For Some Odd Reason)


Women are strange, diverse, eclectic creatures. Coming in all different shapes and sizes, they vary in personality, preference and thought. Men are completely justified in their feelings that we are all crazy 90% of the time. Although there are a range of differences between your edgy Comic Con girl, the refined housewife and the hard-ass bougie chicks, we have all found some common ground in the weird things that we do that defy common sense. Unfortunately I am guilty of most of these as well; ask me specifically and I will plead the fifth.

The Skinny Arm:

Girls love the skinny arm. Somehow putting your hand on your hip at the right angle creates the allusion that your arms are much more defined, as well as creating space to show that you do in fact have a waist, and are not a massive blob. However, this is a very unnatural and staged pose. Girls will line up, fight for the ends of the group picture for the skinny arm position. Let’s face it, it’s just an arm and we are all being a little self-absorbed and delusional here.

Drunk texting:

Whoever thought it was a good idea to over indulge in some delicious cocktails when having a bad day or a heated argument? Every girl, everywhere. Unless you’re too mature for this behavior, then I salute you. The problem with this is when you also bring your phone with you and think texting and/or calling that person from the hours of 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. is a good idea. It’s not. You will also wake up hung over with makeup all over your face (probably from crying) and then throw up from viewing your call log, inbox or Snapchat history- that business is dangerous you can’t even see what you did! (Regrets Spring 2013)

Wearing uncomfortable shoes:

We all do it. I think the main reasoning lies in trying to make oneself more good looking or stylish. Regardless, if you’re waddling around while wearing these shoes or your ass projects out a solid foot from the rest of your body while walking, you’re losing the vision of being a hot cool babe. Flats and wedges are your friends; stilettos are not.


We can try to pass this off as natural curiosity but its obsessive and stalker like. This can range from anything to social media stalking, looking through someone’s phone, asking their friends for information, and much more. It’s just generally such a bad idea; mostly because you’re probably going to be in a foul mood from what you found. After that you’re going to have to bring up that you snooped to find out more details or you will just act like an emotional freak. Neither outcome is overly flattering.

Fad diets/Juicing:

This is unnecessary torture and very unhealthy. Whoever thought drinking lemon water with maple syrup and cayenne pepper for a prolonged amount of time was probably tripping on something. You are not cleansing your aura or being trendy here. In reality you’re stripping your muscle mass and consuming a hell of a lot of natural laxatives; gross I can’t even.

Saying “I’m Fine”:

This is practically like saying “I’m not fine; push my needy, passive aggressive self into telling you what’s wrong.” Aren’t we supposed to be empowered free thinkers or something now? Let’s all agree to stop the silly whining and actually say what we think, or at least try to.


When did it become normal to send people zoomed in pictures of yourself? Now instead of just saying “hey” it has become completely acceptable to send pictures of yourself making crazy, deranged faces. Is this the new norm or just a phase? I’m not really sure myself. Technology has made us all a little too concerned with our appearance and given us the opportunity to send pictures off like rapid fire. I blame the iPhone, just kidding, team Apple. TC Mark

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