To The Girl Who Didn’t Love Him The Way He Deserved, Thank You

 Nathan Walker
Nathan Walker

I can assure you that it did not always start off as a thank you.
I have never met you, but for a long time, I resented you.

Every time I would hear your name, or stories about your time together, I resented you.

I resented that his first kiss will always belong to you.

Or that the first date he ever prepared for, was with you.

I resented that the first true feelings he has ever had for another girl were for you.

I resented the fact that he worked so hard to be with you and fight for you.

I resented that you got to know and understand his gentle and kind personality before me.

I resented the fact that you experienced how tender and loving he is towards the people he cares about.

I resented that you once were the receiver of his beautiful good morning messages.

That “babe” was you before it ever was me.

Yet before long, I realized something.
You were the one to leave him.

You left behind all of the wonderful things he had to offer.

The good mornings.

Those soft kisses.

Or that sweet smile he gets when he see’s the face of someone he loves.

You left. And you broke his heart.

Maybe that was what was best for you.

Perhaps it was what you needed to do to be who you are supposed to be.

Maybe there was someone else.

Whatever happened, you hurt him.

And you know what?

That is okay.

When I found him, he still was not whole. He was apprehensive. Vulnerable. But I broke through the walls that you helped him build.

Thank you for showing him what heartbreak is.
Because of this, I was able to show him what true love is.

Thank you for stepping out of his life, and allowing someone new to walk in.

Thank you for hurting him.

It taught him a thing or two about himself.

And it gave him the knowledge to find what he really wanted in a partner.

I hope to give him all the things you failed to give.

Finally, I will try my best never to hurt him.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to love him and make him happy.
Because he makes me so happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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