21 Solid Reasons You Should Always Say “Yes” To A First Date

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1. Because what the hell else are you doing?

2. You may think you’re not interested, but you could be very wrong.

3. Okay, maybe he’s not your “type.” But maybe, just maybe, that’s a good thing. Nay, a great thing. Maybe there’s a reason you haven’t seen anything work out with your “type” thus far, hmm?

4. Because, if nothing else, it’s a way to get out of the house and do something different.

5. Because the night could really surprise you.

6. Because he may be way more than what meets the eye. He might smell amazing, have awesome hands, or be impressively assertive at dinner. Or maybe his laugh is contagious and brings his attractiveness level up tenfold.

7. Because as long as he’s not a complete creeper or looks like Quasimoto and you can find at least two attractive things about him, he deserves a shot and you deserve to be shot at (figuratively, not literally).

8. Because even if it’s the most terrible, awkward, horrible date you’ve ever been on, it’ll be a great story in a few days. Maybe even in a few hours. Maybe even a few minutes when you’re texting your friend from the bathroom about how bad it is.

9. Because you’re single and all your friends will probably be hanging out with their boyfriends, anyway.

10. Because Netflix isn’t going anywhere, but your youth and looks are.

11. Do you know how rare real dates are nowadays? If a guy has the brain and know-how to ask you on one, do all womankind a favor and go.

12. Because he may be a surprisingly awesome kisser.

13. Because it’ll give you an excuse to finally bust out those new heels that have been begging to be worn for the last few weeks.

14. Because chemistry can happen when you least expect it, like a freaking firework to the temple.

15. Because all great love stories usually had a first date involved.

16. Because sometimes it’s good to just throw yourself blindly into a situation in which you cannot predict the outcome, just to shake up your innards and your nerves and make sure you’re still capable of feeling that beautiful unease.

17. Because, if all else fails on the date, you can order one really expensive glass of wine to knock you on your ass.

18. Maybe this guy knows a great place in town that you’ve never been to nor heard of, so now you have a great, new restaurant to add to your repertoire. That’s always fun.

19. Because getting all pretty for a night out is really fun. I don’t care how ungirly you claim to be.

20. Because all you ever do is sit around and complain about not having any dates or prospects, so if you don’t say yes, you’re just being difficult AF.

21. As Ellie Goulding would say/airily sing/breathe? “Anything could happen…” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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