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On a good day…

I pride myself on being a confident, strong, opinionated, and honest female.
I appreciate the shit out of the people who add to my life in invaluable ways, whether they be family or friends.
I compromise for no-one, mince words for no-one and regret nothing in my life.
I have faith that everything happens for a reason and that everyone must struggle in one way or another to build character.
I believe that there is a plan for all of us, that love outshines everything else and that although we all have bad days the most telling sign is how we get up and move on.

On a bad day…

I forget all of the above.
I question what is wrong with me, if I am lovable, if I offer too much of myself.
I expect my friends and family to know without a word that something is wrong and that I need them.
I lose faith, I regress inwards and let others get away with hurting me.
I wonder what God’s plan for me is and why he feels the need to continually deprive me of the love that I am looking for.

But then I go to sleep, I wake up the next day and remember who I truly am and all the things in my life that I wouldn’t give up for anything, even that elusive thing called love. I reach out to those people, I look inwards and get back to myself and I move forwards. I don’t beat myself up about the day before and all the negative things I told myself because I know that I will rise above it. That I never really believed it even when I thought it. That it doesn’t define me. I find the strength to have a good day, and on a good day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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