Competition In The Curated News App Market Gets Fierce This Year

Flickr / Johan Larsson
Flickr / Johan Larsson

The launch of Viso, a New York-based news curation app from young Greenlanders, is proof that the curated news app market has already gotten big—it is now attracting young developers and startup firm owners. Thanks to Flipboard, which remains a heavyweight in the segment, brands and publishers have finally found a way to properly disseminate its content to a targeted audience or become more accessible on various platforms.

But Gillis Baxter and Maxwell Lindsay, the boysbehind Vizo, know that they are embarking on a market dominated by industry giants such as Apple, Twitter, and Facebook. The immensity of the competition made them realize that launching it in the United States is not a good move. Hence, they plan to test the waters in Israel and China first to build a strong local market and following, which is part of its preparation for global expansion in the future.

On the other hand, tech-giant Apple is banking on “human editors” to secure the success of its Newsstand 2.0 enterprise Apple News. The technology titan said that each news story on the app will be curated by real human beings (writers and editors), a “not-so-innovative idea” (as everyone is already doing it) that could give the app a more natural, less-robotic appeal.

We all know that most aggregated stories today are auto-summarized (or a cut version of the original story). It’s also the reason why app makers like to call it “curation” instead of “aggregation.” They want to emphasize the difference: the former is done by humans, the latter by codes.

A new challenger, Born2Invest, which appears to be “small” in brand popularity but gigantic in goals, is the first one to do a real globalized approach to content curation.

Aside from having seasoned journalists as curators, its stories will also be curated in more than 50 languages and will appear in over 150 markets. The one-month-old app is currently making waves on the market, as it is currently executing what Apple and Facebook never thought of doing.

What makes it unique is that it will focus on business and finance stories from the most revered news companies across the globe, which is a first on the market.

“Through Born2Invest, we help solve users’ problems in getting free, quality business news in a concise and intelligible format, as well as the media’s growing problem as they lose tremendous readers to competing news outlets,” said digital marketing expert and M6 Limited CEO Dom Einhorn.

However, while Einhorn remains “alone” in the finance and business niche, the rest of the news curation segment is continuously expanding. Microblogging leader Twitter has recently announced that it will curate stories from the site, too, through Lightning Stories, which will disseminate tweets covering a single news topic or event.

This will make tweets highly shareable outside of the platform for the first time. Also, social media experts say that it may help Twitter expand its brand from a social media site to a top source of quality flash news, given its high-profile users.

Moreover, even content producers themselves are putting up their own curation application to obtain more readers and spread out the brand’s reach. BuzzFeed, for example, has launched its curation app that focuses on “supplying quick, readable bits of stories to contextualize top stories of the hour.” It will also curate stories from other sources, Venture Beat reported.

No one knows who will emerge victorious from these companies, but one thing’s for sure: the curated news app market is no longer a joke, and it is continuously growing and improving. Perhaps the best thing about it is that it will encourage more people to read news again, even if it is through their mobile phones. Also, it will help extend the life of the publishing world, which is presumed by many as an almost dying industry. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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