Crossing That Relationship Boundary (You Know, The ‘He’s Married, And I Have A Boyfriend’ Thing)

I never expected anything to work out this way. I was a good person, or so I thought. I thought that marriage was sacred and that flirting with a married man or woman was wrong, but I guess that makes me a hypocrite.

I have a boyfriend, an amazing one who treats me like a queen. We are slowly building our lives together; but we started growing apart when I got wrapped up working all the time. I began a new job, consistently working with a man who was charming and funny…and married with children. He is over a decade older than me, and our co-worker relationship began with innocent flirting that was fun and meaningless. I enjoyed talking to him, but I wasn’t looking for anything more than the light-hearted flirting we were engaging in. I was upfront with my boyfriend about it, stating it was safe and nothing would ever come of it. He was fine with it as long as the guy never pushed his boundaries and that it remained meaningless.

A few weeks went by of this, and he started calling and texting me after work hours just to talk. He was so upfront and honest about his feelings for me that I was taken by surprise. I would connect with him and we would spend hours just talking about nothing and laughing. It wasn’t long before my innocent flirting turned into something more. He was ambitious and dedicated. He had an identical sense of humor to me, and he was sexy without trying to be sexy. His confidence is what caught me off guard. Had I just seen him walking down the street and never spoken to him, he would have just been another “relatively unattractive, but not completely ugly” older man. I wouldn’t have looked twice at him and I certainly never would have flirted with him.

But here I am, stressing about whether or not he is thinking about me, and questioning why he isn’t texting me back. The worst part about it is that I know I shouldn’t continue this and no good could come from it. That not only can it ruin his life and my life, but that it won’t ever go anywhere. I will always just be the young, hot girl he flirts with when his wife isn’t giving him enough attention or when he needs an ego boost. A girl can dream though, right? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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