I Do Not Need You To Fix Me

karin and the camera
karin and the camera

I do not need saving or fixing,
I own sewing kits and was
raised by a woman with
fingertips rough like thimbles;
I grew up learning how to
sew myself back together and
patch up the bad holes with
the fabric available to me.
Usually, my sister just lent me
the pieces of her skin she
wasn’t using.

Do not tell me you are here
to fix me
, because you do not
have the right to lay claim
over all that I have broken and
repaired within myself.
I am this dungeon of a human
being, but I made myself a
home in this rough, patch-work
body and I will not let you
tell me that I still need ‘fixing’
after all of my self-nurturing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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