25 Times You Absolutely KNOW You Work for a Non-Profit


1) When you have to return your stamp scale because it’s too much of a luxury and far too expensive.

(2) When a $300 donation is considered a really good day. You’re getting paid that week.

(3) When you’ve memorized your boss’s lunch order based off every restaurant in town, because you’re actually a waitress.

(4) When your job title implies all of the following: Assistant, Secretary, Office Manager, Communications Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, Web Developer, Volunteer Coordinator, Grant Writer, Accountant, Event Planner, Warehouse Manager, Shipping Manager, Inventory Manager, Database Coordinator, Personal Shopper, and Intern/Office bitch.

(5) When you make less money than you did in high school.

(6) When you get excited because a $25 gift card was donated to your auction.

(7) When you ask how something was done before and the answer is, “Oh, you can’t find it in the files?”

(8) When you’re worried you’ll pick up an additional job title because you took a class on something six years ago i.e. Photoshop Expert. Oh and can you bring in your computer with Photoshop?

(9) When the internet goes down and your boss asks you to fix it. Oh. Ya. Sure.

(10) When your boss isn’t open to any new ideas because everything is so perfect.

(11) When you have to call people and remind them they owe you $200 for the auction item they bought six months ago.

(12) When volunteers bail on you because they’re volunteers and wouldn’t do it even if they got paid.

(13) When you try to convince to your grandparent staff that social media is actually real and effective.

(14) When your mission statement is consistently under construction.

(15) When you’re the graphic designer of the organization and your boss changes the design of an invitation 26 times.

(16) When your boss asks if you can just bring in your laptop and Nikon. Why buy it if you have it, right?

(17) When you have an event with 1,000 people and only collect 45 email addresses.

(19) When your boss asks you to get a famous spokesperson on board. Let me just Google that.

(20) When you realize there’s been a typo on the homepage for about six months.

(21) When you don’t actually get vacation or sick days.

(22) When you’ have to work Christmas Eve just in case someone calls in to make a donation. Sooo glad I came in. Look at all this money.

(23) When your boss asks you to remove a glass statue attached to the marble floor at a venue because it doesn’t go with the décor of your event.

(24) When someone donates a Keurig machine but your office can’t actually afford the pods. Thaaanks. Dirty trick.

(25) When your gala is ten days away and you don’t know who on your board is even attending. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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