Treat Writing As If It Were Your Lover

Treat writing as if it were an independent lover, a lover that can live without you, nevertheless you demonstrate yourself worthy of learning from her; you show her you’re just as skilled and capable, and that you won’t drag her down and make her look bad.

But also, treat writing as if it were an anxious lover, a lover that requires steady assurance, and pay attention to the indispensable value that she brings to your life. You must remain patient and endure the occasional hesitance she’ll make you feel, and it’s only because she constantly wants to make sure that you know what you want.

Treat writing as if it were a high maintenance lover, a lover that won’t give you the time and day of your life unless you treat her right. She’ll want you to be in the know, to be updated, prepared with facts and ideas, and only then can your relationship with her function well. But also, treat writing as if it were a laid-back lover, a lover you can spend time with, especially on a quiet night at home. She’ll like you for who you are, let you spend time with her in the way you’re both comfortable with, and may likely, over beer, allow you to talk about yourself, your hobbies, and your plans.

Treat writing as if it were an introverted lover, a lover that requires you to be thoughtful of the whole process. Sometimes, she’ll ask for space, perhaps resist you, but if you show her that you are conscious of what it is you have with her, she will see your tenacity, and eventually, she’ll let you into her world. And what a world, it’ll be.

But also, treat writing as if it were an extroverted lover, a lover that seeks excitement and adventure, and ignite interest in your every move and word to court her. You must be ready to find the beauty in things when you’re with her, even during regular days. Especially during regular days. You have to let her comprehend how you see the world, or at the least, how you want to perceive it.

And lastly, treat writing as if it were a casual lover, a lover you want to have a good time with, and remember you can still take it at your own pace. Give her time, give yourself time; give her and yourself all the time for it to feel right, but never take too long.

But also, treat writing as if it were a serious lover, a lover you want to be in a relationship with, and know more of her every day. Find out what makes her unique, what you possibly love about her in spite of her flaws, and what makes you drawn to her. Treat her with such consideration, so that reality won’t hurt you. And keep her, just cherish her. For someday, your writing, as if it had been your lover, with all the effort you have invested in its progress, would reflect the way you had treated it with keen attention and steady pace; with undying interest, without being coerced but cautiously approached, explored, and expounded in the most vulnerable, soulstirring way. Your writing… she would be beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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