The First Person You Love Should Be Yourself

Biel Morro
Biel Morro

I was approaching my 23rd year and I was in a relationship with someone who I was quickly realizing I didn’t really like, let alone love – what a waste.

I wanted to travel. I wanted to be single. I wanted to date. I wanted my heart broken. I wanted to be lonely. I wanted to be selfish. I yearned to experience things that so far I had only read about, the good and the bad.

I ended the relationship. It was hard. I experienced breaking up but I loved it. I met other guys. I booked the trip-of-a lifetime.

All of a sudden I had everything I wanted. My focus in life had become me. I was so happy that it was uncomfortable.

I followed my own passions and dreams and answered only to myself. And my answer was only ever yes.

Experiences make you who you are. Feel your emotions, embrace pain and thrive on it. Do only what makes you happy. Accept and feel the hard times. In your early 20’s you are going through so much, growing, changing. Feel it. Experience every insignificant part of it.

Now is the time to be selfish and create your life. Discover who you truly are and what your passion is. Accept yourself and love who you are. Be proud of how you are doing life.

Travel. Make goals. Fall in love. Take your amazing self into your next relationship and love hard and deeply.

Who better to learn how to love with than yourself? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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