We Didn’t Work Out, But You’re Still The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

When I look back at us, I don’t regret it. Yes, we broke each other’s hearts, but I think we can both agree that we would do it all over again if we had the chance.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. You taught me so much about myself, but more importantly, you saved me. You came into my life when I was at my worst and you loved me through it. You made me believe that I could make it through hell and come back stronger. I will never forget all that you did for me. I don’t want to know the person I would be without having you in my life.

Everyone that comes into our life serves a purpose, and everyone that leaves our life has successfully served their purpose. You served a very important purpose in my life, but you were just a chapter in my story. You can’t force temporary people to be your forever people.

Just know that I will never stop caring about you. My mind will always find its way back to you, and I guarantee you will still be the first person I want to tell good news to. I will always wonder if we were meant to be together, if maybe you were the right guy at the wrong time, but I find comfort in knowing we changed each other for the better.

I think it’s clear that we can’t be in each other’s lives right now, but I do hope that somewhere down the line we can find each other again. I want to hear how your life ended up, who you’ve become. I just want you to know that I will never stop loving you. I will always want what’s best for you, even if it wasn’t me. I will always be your number one supporter and I will always cherish the moments we had together, but it’s time for me to say goodbye for now.

Thank you for our little infinity.

Despite everything. Because of everything.

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