Why She Wants A Man, Not A Boy

Oliver Astrologo

She wants a man who knows what he wants, he’s not willing to hurt her and risk losing what they have. Not a boy who chases multiple women but doesn’t want to keep just one.

She wants a man who will stick up for her, a man who knows the value of respect. Not a boy who joins his friends in demeaning jokes or makes her feel small.

She wants a man because he’s the one she’ll look to for mature advice about an argument with her best friend. Not a boy’s petty revenge plot and lack of empathy and understanding of the real world.

She wants a man who is capable of being his own person without needing to be constantly near her. A man who is stable enough to enjoy his alone time, but also knows when he needs her, she’ll be there. Not a boy who cannot stand to be alone for more than 30 minutes or make a sandwich on his own.

She wants a man who she can trust and who is able to trust her. Not a boy who makes moves on other women behind her back while he’s simultaneously jealous of anyone else who spends time with her.

She wants a man who might be scared to open up his heart but is willing to risk it being broken in return for a chance at love. Not a boy who hides behind empty jokes and games, unwilling to commit to her, afraid of the potential of love.

She wants a man who is respectful of her wishes, her needs and her hopes for the future. Not a boy who wants her whole world to be him and nothing but him.

She wants a man who has high expectations of himself and the world around him, a man full of his own hope and desire for more. Not a boy who is full of himself and sets low standards that he knows he can reach and expects love from the world but isn’t willing to give any in return.

While she wants all of these qualities in a man, deep down she knows these are things that she NEEDS in a man. The hardest part is knowing these qualities are the most difficult to find. So patiently she waits for the man who fills her with hope and love and makes all the boys seem like small bumps in the road on the way to the love of her life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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