I’m Not A Girl Cut Out For One Night Stands

Thomas Kelley
Thomas Kelley

I’m not the type of girl you pick up at a club or bar and take home with you. I’m not the type of girl to just sleep around for the fun of it. I don’t do one night stands and I don’t flirt with just anybody.

I’m the girl who wants to be romanced. To be wooed. To be courted. The type that looks for effort. I look for someone that can put in as much, if not more, effort than I do in a relationship. I don’t want to waste my time on meaningless flings when I can share meaningful dates and memories with someone. I want to be taken out on dates, talked to at night in person and not through chat or text until the sun comes up. I want those flowers on Valentine’s day or after a fight or on random days when you just thought of giving me flowers. It doesn’t have to be a grand bouquet; I don’t look for extravagance either. I want those long walks on the beach with my hand in yours and stargazing at the park while lying on a blanket or on the hood of a car. I’m a sucker for picnics and spontaneous road trips.

All I really care for is to spend time with you talking about anything and everything we can think of. It doesn’t have to be grand. There’s no need for earth shattering declarations of love like we see in the movies. They’re called fiction for a reason, they just don’t happen in real life.

We live in a world that no longer values the romance. It’s rare to find gentlemen who actually open the door for you or pull out your seat. We live in a day and age where it’s socially acceptable to hook up with someone you just met at a party or online or on Tinder or even Grindr.

Dating is slowly becoming obsolete. Gone are the days of writing love letters when you could just send a text or IM. Who would end a date by being brought home and given a good night kiss when things always end up with clothes strewn across the floors and sheets and bodies are tangled up together?

Where is the romance? Where did it all go? Nowadays, people have done away with the romance in favor of casual relations and sex with someone you would never see again after that one night of “passion” together. Is that really worthwhile? Is that really all we have to look forward to? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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