6 Great Vintage Instagram Accounts You Should Definitely Be Following

Here are some of my favorite Instagram accounts I follow. Ranging from fashion, to sweet treats, DIY’s , furniture, illustration, art, simplistic photography, magazines, living styles and so on!

1. Betty Magazine

Betty Magazine is based in the UK and is definitely one of my favorites, due to their range of beautiful pictures. Something just feels so personal about them, it’s heart warming. When I first followed Betty Magazine, it felt as if I found a new friend — it’s a celebration all the time with Betty magazine and I’ve finally found a friend to party with!

“Our philosophy is for people to embrace who they are and celebrate it.” 

2. Frankie magazine. 

Okay, Australians would agree with me on this one, because honestly, who doesn’t adore Frankie magazine? They bring vintage, hipster, boho to a whole different level. Although with only 13 photos on their profile page, they do update once in awhile. Making the wait exciting!

“We aim to surprise and delight readers with every turn of our beautifully matte pages, and have a good old laugh while doing so.”

3. Hellolovecrumbs.

Let’s divert from the magazines and fashion and indulge a little. Hellolovecrumbs is a cake shop in the UK and the cakes don’t only look unique, but they definitely look appetizing. Though their frosting for the cake’s can be repetitive, it’s almost become a signature thing! And I bet they taste as good as they look!

“We serve our own hand-made cakes alongside artisan roast coffee, anteaquies & coco hot chocolate to have in & to go.”

4. Ohcomelymag

Ohcomelymag is another good one for keeps. What intrigued me was their readers letters! They actually read them and post them. And points for the lovely, simplistic filters they use — not too harsh on the eyes.

“It is a magazine that makes people smile, full of quiet moments and stories. Read it with a cup of tea or a toddy.”

5. Cerealmag

Cerealmag definitely makes me want to travel. With their focus on travel and lifestyle, you find a lot of photos of places, sceneries , architecture and the occasional fashion bits. Not really a foodie thing, but going through their profile page just makes me fall in love with travelling. Every. Single. Time.

“In pursuit of food & travel”

6. Samofurniture 

Samofurniture kinda says it all doesn’t it? A home-town gem I would say. Really for all you vintage/hipster enthusiasts who also appreciate local entrepreneurs, pop up sales, organic goods and vintage furniture in general. Oh and their friendly cat, Lucky makes it a treat everytime you visit.


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