5 Breaking Bad References You Might’ve Missed In AMC’s ‘Better Call Saul’

AMC’s Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul, is barely halfway into its first season and it’s already referenced its predecessor about a thousand times. Some of these references are sublime and difficult to catch. Have no fear– we’ve selected the best callbacks and put them into one compact listicle for your linguistically inept pleasure.
Better Call Saul
Better Call Saul

1. It takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This is uncanny. Breaking Bad takes place in New Mexico as well, where Walter White teaches Chemistry and eventually erodes all sense of morality from himself and his family. It is also the place where Jimmy McGill, AKA Saul Goodman– oops, spoiler alert!– operates a charmingly sketchy law office in the back of a nail salon.

2. Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad is in Better Call Saul.

For many viewers, this was the most difficult reference to catch. The fast-talking, smarmy lawyer from AMC’s critically acclaimed Breaking Bad also makes a guest appearance in Better Call Saul. The only difference is that here Saul Goodman is playing some schmuck named Jimmy McGill– we have no idea what this means, but we’re sure Vince Gilligan has some sort of grander plan for this character.

3. They eat breakfast.

Any real Breaking Bad fan will understand the importance of breakfast. Although Walter Jr’s role in the show has been left concealed (perhaps due to his absent conception), the breakfast auteur formerly known as Flynn has definitely influenced the presence of breakfast in the show.

4. Oh my god, Mike is back. Mike is alive, everyone.

Mike Ehrmantraut, Saul Goodman’s boyfriend and partner in crime, is in Better Call Saul. His gunshot wound is left unaddressed in the initial plot (he is one tough motherf**ker!), but he has recently been seen working parking lot booths. He also kills two cops. Hell yeah, crime.

5. Skyler White is still a bitch.

We don’t exactly know where Skyler is or what she’s doing during the events of Better Call Saul. However, one things remains certain– she is still a bitch. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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