Just So You Know, It’s Okay That You’re Going To Struggle

“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.” ― Nathan W. Morris
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You are going to be broken some days. You are going to struggle to forgive, and will probably never fully forget. You are going to get discouraged. To feel like a failure at times. To falter in your seemingly pristine ability to seduce blooms of happiness from even the darkest of gardens.

You are going to feel like your light is sometimes flickering when you want it to rage like a wildfire in the night.

Do not mistake the chips that may fall on your shoulder as something to be proud of. Be proud of you, of what you love. Of how you love. Carry that with you into every relationship, into every new conversation, to every new person you meet.

Brokenness can be healed from the inside out if you know the tools to use.

You are going to wish for answers. Want for clarity. Search for pieces of your soul that have not yet gifted themselves as worthy of telling their part of your story. And that’s okay. Being patient with yourself is so mysterious and beautiful.

Appreciate that. Appreciate you.

Your voice. Your experience. Your journey. The beauty folded neatly within the creases of your skin that have begun to form in the shape of all the times your heart smiled.

Be grateful for that. And want… want from a sacred place.

A place of deep connection and spirit. Want from a place of passion and believing. Want the things that will help make you whole. Being whole is not about answering to anyone other than yourself. It is about presence. Strength. Soul connection. It’s about reigniting what lights you up inside no matter what anyone has put you through.

You do not have to extend your hand to the consent of what they might think about you. In response to what they may say about you, but if you do – know that your tenderness cuts deeper than any of the stingers they fly with. This is your story, and it’s up to you to turn the page. TC mark

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