The Beauty Within These Walls Was Never Meant To Be Caged

Hannah Grace

People keep asking me,

Why I’d ever want to leave.

Why I’ve not found this place,

Where my family built their legacy,

A satisfactory stage for my undoing.

I am not gone.

I am never without the life you’ve given me.

Reminded of it often,

By the warmth of sweet trembling breaths.

This is not my departure.

This is simply an affair.

I am to run wild with my demons.

And I think, if I am to find peace in this lifetime,

I must frolic among the giants,

Hand-in-hand with the ancient elders of our time.

I think that just maybe,

My therapy lies within the trees.

With the rivers.

With the mountains.

With the roar of the Pacific Ocean.

Just maybe,

This life was not meant to carve a path for me…

But rather was meant,

For me to carve my own path inside of it.

An adventurer by design:



Dancing from the mountain tops.

Shipping lip-kissed packages of hope back home to you,

Wishing that one day you might understand.

I am to run wild with my demons.

I am to dance in the silhouette of my shadows.

I am destined to pursue the purity of freedom in its most naked sense.

An adventurer by design:



People keep asking me,

Why’d I’d ever want to leave.

It’s not about leaving, you see.

It is about arriving.

Boldy and gallantly.

All at once,


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