5 Reasons Women Should Masturbate


1. Who doesn’t want an orgasm whenever they feel like it? Or two…or three…or seven? Why should you have to wait for someone to do the job for you? Having an orgasm puts you in a better mood and helps calm stress. It also helps you fall asleep, so if you can’t sleep, touch yourself.

2. Masturbation teaches you lots about your body. You can discover if you are multi-orgasmic (I once gave myself 9 orgasms during a single “me time” session), what pressure you like, if you like slow motions or fast, and so on. You can also gauge what a good orgasm is to you.

3. Your newfound knowledge of your body will lead to better sex. You can tell your partner exactly what you know will make you come and guide them. For me, I cannot come through vaginal anything, but touch and rub and lick my other parts and I will. Multiple times.

4. You’ll be more confident in bed, and you’ll probably be more daring.

5. Why not have your partner watch you masturbate? I can’t think of a man or woman who would not want to watch their lover touch themselves. It’s basically enough to make them stop breathing and reach levels of horniness they never thought they could achieve. Being natural about it is key. You don’t have to put on a show! Close your eyes and enjoy the sensations, and once hit that place of no return (when you know you are going to have an orgasm), you’ll forget you’re being watched. Not enough women masturbate in front of someone. You will feel SO HOT. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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