Read This If You Are A Woman Having A Quarter Life Crisis

Rudyard Kipling’s, If. We all know it, we’ve all read it and it’s filled each of our hearts with patriachal glory, empowering and inspiring men to be true, humble and honest. A guide on which all men would base their character and morals in the 1900’s. A poem to help strapping young lads find their place in the world. Now, that’s all very well and good but it seems these days however that the men have got it all sorted, having mastered politics, sports and the gender pay gap coming out as winners in every one. But with feminism rife in the media’s eye it’s our turn to fight back and with many lost twenty-something women not having a ruddy clue what we’re doing with our lives I decided a bit of a re-jig was in order. Not that we don’t have enough inspirational material in the feminishm field to go on from the likes of Caitlin Moran, Emma Watson and Malala Yousafzai, but modern day poetry wise, we could always use a bit more. So in light of the hotly anticipated ‘Quarter Life Poetry’ book by Samantha Jayne, here’s my version of If, for all the girl’s going through that sticky bit in life, that need a bit of reassurance, to let you know it’s all normal, in iambic pentatmeter.
Anna Demianenko
Anna Demianenko

If  you are a woman having a quarter life crisis.
If you are losing your head when all about you are growing up and leaving you behind,
If you doubt yourself because your trust in men has gone,
But let that doubt make you stronger,

If you are tired of waiting for life to happen, but still sit there and don’t do anything about it,
Or tell lies, that you know you shouldn’t,
Or hate others you see on instagram, which makes you hate yourself a bit,
And still can’t master a smoky eye or sounding smart at parties.

If you still have big dreams but realize they will come with hard work and rejection;
If you overthink but let your mind go blank from time to time,
If you can recognize your highs and lows
And not let them change who you are;

If you can stick by your story that you really did  have to work late last night,
Twisted by your bitchy friend to make you feel bad for not coming out,
Or watch the Netflix Series you gave the best part of your Sunday to,
And decide to then make a healthy dinner despite how tired you are;

If you can spend hours on a pitch that you think is a winner
And risk it all submitting it to someone you never thought you could,
And get another no, but start again after a little cry
And never tell the girls WhatsApp group about this other failed attempt;

If you can bring out that strong independent woman in you everyday
To be there for you when they’ve buggered off to get married and have kids,
And guard your womb when you’ve become a shell of a woman
To find that girl you know is in there to say to them: “I’m coming!”

If you can sit in a room of couples and have no qualms about it,
Or spot Alexa Chung ordering a Starbucks and keep your cool,
If your high school enemies or closest buds can still wound your soul,
If a lot of women count on you but it’s never too much trouble
If you can fill a particularly rubbish morning
With a little jog down the road,
This is your life and even though it’s really confusing at the minute,
Don’t worry because all of this make you a woman.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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