Don’t Be Afraid To Let Yourself Heal

You feel it. That gut-wrenching feeling in the pit of your stomach. That feeling that you know can only be taken away by the person that just so happens to be the one that caused it. That feeling that is so painful that you think of every possible thing that could distract you from it, and you try your best to do just that.

You go to your phone to read everyone else’s problems so that you don’t think of your own, or you scroll through memes that only make you laugh for a tiny second. You may upsize your margarita, or you may just get another one…and then another one…. You keep yourself insanely busy. Busy with work, with things to do, with people that know nothing about what you’ve just been through.

You fix it…. temporarily…



Don’t avoid the inevitable by pushing it aside. Don’t come up with another distraction. Don’t run away from the excruciating pain. Don’t deny yourself the healing that you deserve that only comes with letting yourself feel.

Be brave.

Dive headfirst into it. Allow yourself to breakdown and cry so hard that you forget how to breathe. Allow yourself to let all of the sadness inside of you seep out one tear at a time. Take off of work if you need to. Say no when you know you don’t really want to go out anyway. Listen to the sad songs and watch the sad movies. Cry in the shower (you know you want to). Don’t let yourself feel ashamed of the way you feel. It does not make you weak; it just proves you’re human.

Don’t postpone it.

Take a day or week to yourself; whatever it takes. Hold nothing back. Let yourself grieve. Let yourself feel the pain.

Do it, and don’t be afraid to let yourself heal.

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