Because I Have A Voice, I Will Use It To Spread Love


I have been sitting here thinking, crying, begging, wishing and hoping.

I’m a 20-something graduate student living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I don’t have some massive audience. Or a voice that demands to be heard. I don’t have this brilliant political mind or a surplus of money to throw around. I have this. This medium in which I can reach anyone who’s willing to read.

My life here is safe. It feels secure. My days are filled with 25-year-old normalcies. I’m content. I’m well-fed. I’m well-clothed. I feel free. I have a growing sense of independence.

No matter my situation, I feel desperate. And afraid. And disappointed.

I’m trying to find any sort of resonance with anyone who believes violence is the answer and I repeatedly come up empty.

It physically pains me to watch the continuous acts of hatred against innocent human beings.

I want to fix it. I personally want to do something. Anything to make it stop.

I often feel helpless and overwhelmed. I want our air to be clean. I want animals to live. I want starving children to be fed. I want our bodies to be safe from the damage to our environment. I want to be able to travel without fear. I want our world to be safe.

But, God. I’m just one person. I have one voice. And that’s why I’m writing this.

Because I have a voice. I will use it to spread love.

Because every time I have these discussions with people, their answer is, “I’m just one person. What can I do?”

The connections between human beings can be so subtle. So small. It doesn’t take much to influence someone’s day.

We write off an entire day as “bad” for reasons that we know aren’t bad at all. Maybe less than optimal. Maybe inconvenient. But, bad? Not usually.

But, we let these little things change everything about our vision. And then a chain of negativity begins to form. That. Right there. We can change that.

Instead of telling your coworker that your day was bad because you spilled your coffee, smile at them. Tell them that you hope their weekend is relaxing. Give them something kind to walk away with. Something that maybe, just maybe, will make them label their day as “good.”

Make these subtle exchanges good ones. Great ones, even.

I’m not perfect. Not by any means. I’m human just like the rest of you. I struggle with sweating the small things and trying to find something good in all situations. It’s hard. It’s work.

It can be flat out exhausting.

But, it’s worth it, I think. It’s worth it to try a little harder to put something good out into the Universe every time you want to say something negative. Will it happen 100% of the time? Of course not. Because we’re human and all that.

We have to start somewhere. If you notice that someone’s hair looks really nice that day. Say it. I don’t know why we keep kind thoughts to ourselves. These things that appear to be so minor can change someone’s entire perspective.

Every time you choose kindness, you are defeating hatred. It may not feel that way, but consistency is key.

We are ALL just one person. But, together, we are one unit. And as we unite with the smallest acts of kindness, we will turn into a force of rectitude.

We can represent love as much as we want to. For whatever reason, we so often choose to stay silent. If your thoughts are good, say them. Make that choice.

Join me. I’m asking. I’m begging. If we all just try a little bit. We can create something bigger than just one person. Something good. A world to be proud of. Even if it’s just the little world you live in every day. Why not make it the best one you possibly can? It certainly isn’t going to hurt.

Peace can be ours. It’s not unattainable.

Let’s love out loud. Together. Every chance we get. It’s worth a try, right?

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

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You may feel like there’s nothing you can do. But, you have this powerful instrument that can be used to create light in the darkness. Your voice. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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