Stop Trying To Blame The World For Your Problems And Instead Just Choose To Live

Shannon Kelley
Shannon Kelley

How many times have you heard someone say, “With my luck, *insert trivial daily difficulty* will happen.”

Aside from the fact that I don’t really believe in luck, this phrase gets to me more than others.

When I think about luck, I think of it as something that solely happens by chance. I view it as this insignificant excuse we use that lacks the purpose that things such as fate or destiny possess.

I could be wrong. And that isn’t really the point of this post, so let me move on.

I often wonder how much thought goes into a phrase that begins with “just my luck.”

Are things so bad that you assume you have this horrible fortune following you around just to ruin your day? Because that seems highly unlikely to me. The big bad world is not out to get you.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a million times. It could always be worse.

Because I’m similar to most of society in that I live for a good inspirational quote, let me share one of my all time favorites with you, by author Regina Brett.

“If we all threw our problems into a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.”

Can I get an AMEN!? There is so much “woe is me” and not enough “wow, I’m really not doing too bad.” We don’t give enough acknowledgement to what could be happening in someone else’s life.

I’ve witnessed so much ugly in my own life, as have so many of the people near to my heart.

I watched my best friend’s world completely fall apart five years ago. Her family, her home, her life. It was uprooted.

Not once did I ever hear her ask, “Why me?” or say, “This is just my luck.” She bitched and cried and got angry because, well, she’s human.

But never did she consider that this was a personal attack on her. That all of this happened to her. It happened. And she was a part of it. But, no, there was no grand scheme to make her life miserable. She knew that. She knew the world didn’t work that way.

She’s just one of many. There are these magnificent people in my life who have dealt with the worst of the worst, but here they are. Continuing, growing and persevering.

And this friend in particular grew in an exquisite way. This “bad luck” was a push in the right direction. It was fortification. It was the lighting of a fire she wouldn’t ignite herself.

It was beautiful. And it still is.

You see, I believe we always have the choice as to whether things work out how we want them to or not. We just have to go, do and be open to the path.

If we choose not to, things are going to happen. They may seem bad and unfair. Possibly unlucky, but maybe one day, if you accept the push, you’ll learn that it was what you’ve needed.

These trials and hardships are sometimes the only things that can get us to where we need to go.

We aren’t choosing the path of least resistance. We resist and make excuses and have this incredible fear of change.

When we aren’t open to to receiving what we actually want out of life, that’s when we get tried. So, why can’t we cut out the middle man and accept our desires? Skip the hard stuff that’s going to push you down as an attempt at forcing you to rise above.

This fear will only keep encouraging the Universe to knock us into the arms of what we truly want until we find the courage to look for it ourselves.

So, why resist? Why accept this bad luck you think is following you around everywhere?

For some reason, it’s really difficult to take responsibility for our own lives. But, the truth is, it is entirely up to us to get what we want out of life. So, why all the complaining?

Why do we have to blame something or someone? Whether it be luck, God, your boyfriend, your local network’s meteorologist? All of these problems. This bad luck. It’s here for you. To help you move on. So let it.

I hope you’ll take a good look at your life and the world around you before you assume you’re doomed to the seat on the airplane beside the screaming baby just because your life is that bad.

These are the small things. The insignificant things that add texture to our lives.

The big things, though. The really hard stuff. That’s what’s there to help you.

We need to stop blaming and just be. Move forward whether it’s over a boulder, through a monsoon or into a glistening field of gold.

Why? Because you can. Because you’re here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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