8 Fashion Tips For Your Freshman Year Of College


1. Never wear your nice shoes to a frat party – Although your Tory Burch flats might go perfectly with your little black dress, ditch them and go for a cheap pair of flats from target. Sticky floors and hundred dollar shoes never pair well. It’s worth it to buy a few pairs of less expensive shoes versus having to scrub your suede Steve Maddens the next morning.

2. Do your research – Are you going to a school where kids wear what they wore to bed to class or will students dress up even for their 8 AMs? Ask around before you get there so you know exactly what to pack, and you don’t fill your suitcase with clothes that will never make it out of your closet.

3. Always bring a “fracket” – No matter how much you try to drink yourself a sweater, cold walks home are never fun after a long night. Buy a few cheap zip-ups that you won’t be afraid to lose. Throw them on over your crop tops and ditch them in a sly spot nearby the party. When you leave, if you’re lucky enough to find it, congrats and if not, just be thankful you didn’t wear your new leather jacket!

4. The necessity – If there’s one piece of clothing I wore the most my freshman year it would be my tight black skirt from Forever 21. Under $10, this piece pairs with so many different tops and shoes, you can’t go wrong! Dress it up with a statement necklace or dress down with a patterned crop top. The classic black skirt will never go out of style.

5. Bring your craziest costumes – Whether you’re skiing in Aspen or going back to the 80s, theme parties are a college favorite. Pack up your old Halloween costumes, neon spandex, and cheetah leggings because you never know when you’re going to need them. There’s nothing like feeling prepared and in the spirit of the party. Your friends will thank you later!

6. Buy that little black bag – Whether it’s from Urban or Michael Kors, a small cross body bag is essential for going out. Make sure it’s big enough to hold the essentials, like your cell phone, lipstick, and room key. It’s never fun when you accidentally leave your phone in a frat bathroom because you were holding onto it all night. Plus, it adds a dressier look to any outfit!

7. Don’t be afraid to shop online – Tobi.com may become your new best friend your first semester of college. Most college towns don’t have a Forever21 or J.Crew within walking distance, so get your credit cards ready when you need to update your wardrobe. Also, it’s always fun to come home from class and have a package waiting for you.

8. Lazy days can still be cute – When you’re feeling extra tired in the morning, throw on some LuluLemon leggings and throw your hair back with a bright headband and call it a day. Even if you’re not planning on working out, no one will know by your Nikes and workout tank. This is about the comfiest it can get while still looking put together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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