People Watching In A Coffee Shop

I’m sitting in a coffee shop on the corner of 2nd and Lafayette and I see 3 past phases of my life spanned out at tables in front of me, as well as one current and one future possible:

10 o’clock: A 5 year old slobbering down her portion of her moms sandwich, discussing the tea party from her friends princess themed birthday the evening before. Excited for school tomorrow and being head of the special events of the day.

12 o’clock: Dead ahead. A young girl and her mom out for their Sunday dinner before school starts up tomorrow morning. Struggling in class, seeking advice, the confident mother has been through this countless times, advice given, plan made, calm resumes.

8 o clock: High school kids clearly on a first date, “you haven’t seen DESPICBLE ME?”
WAIT SERIOUSLY you don’t like GREEN OLIVES?” “You’re soo lucky your curfew is 11 pm on a Sunday” Don’t forget all the hair flips and nervous giggles. Her knee hasn’t stopped bouncing this entire time. Oooo, phones are coming out. Here come the cat pictures.

1 o clock: College students studying for an exam tomorrow.  Take a moment to bow your head and bond over how a test on a Monday sucks at any age. Let us pray for multiple choice and fill in the blanks WITH a word box. Will there be a curve? How low can I score to keep my B? Yikes. Better begin. I feel for you. Just remember the motto “Don’t Worry, Be Yonce”

2 o clock: Older couple in their mid 60s on an ice cream date. The women asked him if he would be back in school if he could. “Been there done that” he replied. “Sometimes I miss it” she says between scoops of melted strawberry.

Not sure how much longer I will be able to observe this one, with age comes wisdom and profound knowledge of knowing when you’re being people watched – I’m not a very sly onlooker. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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