When Two Hearts Are Meant To Be Together

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Did you know the modern heart shape is formed when two human hearts are combined? We all know the heart shape has the meaning for love. I know it sounds cliché, but as I am a hopeless romantic, I think it’s a beautiful way to interpret that we human beings need another person’s heart to feel love. There are many forms of love and one of the most mysterious and complicated, yet beautiful form of love might be the one towards your significant other.

They say you should find happiness within yourself and don’t rely on people to make you happy, and I believe that it’s so important to be happy on your own and be independent emotionally. But at the same time, people can make you happy too.

Someone can brighten your day when you feel down or just talking to someone can make you feel better. Sometimes it’s okay to rely on people.

We humans were not meant to live alone, and we all need love.  

Love is the purest thing that exists in this world, but we humans just made it complicated. So don’t be afraid of love, because it’s the only thing that can make us feel alive.

If you already have a S.O. and you love them remember to always appreciate what you have.

If you are single but looking for your half-orange, wait patiently because the right one will come into your life in the perfect timing. You just got to believe in it.

If you are single and happy, good for you. One day, you might unexpectedly find someone who you want to give them your heart.

In this era, I feel like it has gotten harder to find real love but I will not stop believing that one day, I will meet the heart that will perfectly match mine.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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