This Unsettling Trailer For ‘The Lodge’ Is What’s Next For ‘Goodnight Mommy’ Directing Duo

What’s out there?

Goodnight Mommy was the best horror movie I saw in 2014. It was engrossing and slow-paced, allowing everyone in the theater to get truly sucked into the scare. I don’t think the end reveal was all that shocking or surprising, but it was a good twist that made the movie stronger, and I enjoyed watching it all.

Up next for the the directing duo Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala is a new horror movie, The Lodge, that’s being called the next great movie in horror.

The kids uncover a disturbing secret from Grace’s past.

The Lodge tells the story of a makeshift family spending the weekend at an isolated country lodge. After the dad goes back to the city to work, he leaves his newish girlfriend, Grace, with his two children. Despite their surroundings becoming creepier, the remaining family members are stuck together in the lodge as a blizzard approaches. Here’s the trailer:

The Lodge will be in theaters Feb 7th.

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