Guess Who Might Be Getting Getting A Spinoff?

This season of American Horror Story is my new favorite. The 1984 theme was so fun and lent itself to being a truly enjoyable campy horror show that was genuinely scary at times and made me laugh out loud. Billie Lourd’s character Montana was really the highlight for me. She was a glorious final girl/secretly the killer contender in all her 80’s aerobics instructor glory. I’m happy to report I’m not the only one who thinks this way!!!

American Horror Story

Series creator Ryan Murphy loved her performance so much that he’s writing a show just for Billie Lourd. He told Entertainment Weekly, “I love how unhinged and brilliant Billie Lourd is, she just keeps proving to me how talented she is. I’ve been so inspired by her performance, I’m writing a miniseries just for her! Top secret but it’s gonna be my tribute to her talent.”

American Horror Story

Billie has been part of AHS since 2017’s Cult in which she played Winter Anderson, sister and loyal follower of the season’s blue-haired antagonist, Evan Peters’ Kai Anderson. The following year she returned in Apocalypse as Mallory, the personal assistant cum Supreme. Next season is expected to be the series’ last with many of the main cast (including Lourd) expected but not confirmed to return.

American Horror Story

There’s no word yet on whether Murphy’s Billie Lourd miniseries will take place in the universe of American Horror Story or Scream Queens or something completely original designed around Lourd herself. All I know is that these two working together have the potential to create some real horror magic.

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