9 Fan Theories That Might Explain What’s Going To Happen In ‘Scream 5’

If you haven’t heard by now, a major production company, Spyglass Media Group, has announced they are beginning work on a new film featuring Ghostface. Although the master filmmaker behind the series, Wes Craven, has passed on, his creation could live to scare another generation. It’s not clear where the new film will fall in the Scream universe but fans have been having a field day speculating where a Scream 5 could pick up. Here’s a few theories I’d be excited to see on the big screen:

Randy faked his death in Scream 2 and returns as a Ghostface

Scream 2

Is there anything you’d rather see than Randy returning as the ULTIMATE Ghostface? Fully immersed in the “rules of horror” Randy could be a terrifying killer who taunts his victims more than ever. The theory here is that Randy was a killer in Scream 2 along with Mickey the film student and Billy Loomis’ mom. He faked his death in Scream 2 to throw off suspicion and has been living off the grid ever since, plotting his fantasy horror movie scenario where he’ll finally get the girl of his dreams.

The big problem with this theory is that we never hear about Randy’s body going missing, even though we have a whole extended scene with his sister in Scream 3 where we watch the videotape Randy made before his supposed death. Still, horror movies have successfully explained away bigger plot holes and I like the idea of the horror movie nut becoming a mastermind.

Ghostface is no match for Sidney


Another fan predicts that by this time in the world of Scream Sidney is such an experienced survivor that any new Ghostface would be comparatively inept in his attempts to scare her. The movie would follow Sid being one step ahead of the new Ghostface, which is a completely new and kind of scary approach to imagine — and totally the vibe of the Scream series.

I’ve also seen a theory that the true crime community could create a generation of copycat Ghostfaces. If you remember the creepy clown phenomena of 2016, you can imagine how a few creeps could turn some Ghostface sightings into a hysteria with more and more people participating and violence increasing. This would mirror real life more than a traditional slasher movie and be interesting to see how our crew could combat evil coming at them from all sides.

All the main characters die


Remember when we all thought Drew Barrymore was going to be the main protagonist of Scream and then she died before the opening credits? Scream 5 could revitalize the franchise by being willing to do something risky — killing off the main cast before the movie even starts.

Sidney loses her mind


What would Scream be like if it was a psychological horror movie like Midsommar instead of a slasher film? One fan imagines how this would play out:

“So I think it would be cool if Scream 5 played almost like a character study of our main three characters. Hell, the entire first half could be more a drama of them getting slowly sucked into a murder investigation baring resemblance to the Woodsboro Murders, while at the same time being plagued by strange, disturbing nightmares/visions at their homes.

Maybe this ghost face isn’t obsessed with 80’s slashers. Maybe he’s obsessed with psychological and atmospheric horrors. Everything from Don’t Look Now and The Exorcist to Silence of the Lambs, Se7en, The Ring, Blair Witch Project or more modern horrors. Maybe he doesn’t kill you, he just steals your child. Or frames a member of your family for murder. Or maybe he just tries to drive you slowly insane.

The latter could be really interesting for Sidney, who always seemed to be on the verge of losing her mind. Just imagine ghost face started fucking around with creepy reminders of Billy and Stu. Seeing their shadows appear in her bedroom. An old videotape of her mother starts playing at night in the living room etc.

But the movie could slowly let that classic Scream style come back in, maybe as Dewey and Gail get back together and team up with Sidney, we get more of that old comedy and inventive, slasher style. Only like Unforgiven, it’s a bit more brutal and nasty than we remember.”

Someone in Hollywood wants to bring Ghostface back

Scream 2

I thought the Hollywood elements in Scream 3 were really interesting and felt like a natural fit for the story. A lot of people seem to have made a lot of money off of The Woodsboro Murders and Stab franchise. Surely someone in there would kill for some fresh content or publicity to generate new interest in some spinoffs?

Sidney is the killer

Scream 2

This theory has been revisited as every movie since the original has been released. Fans would love to see Sid go dark after all that has happened to her. Maybe it’s true what Harvey Dent says, “you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

Hayden Panettiere returns

Scream 4

In Scream 4 horror movie fan Hayden Panettiere worked hard to make her death look “ambiguous” so that she could be cast in any subsequent movies as a survivor. There could be a really cool plot developed centering Hayden as the star as she continues to recover from her attack and piece together the meta story of the franchise while fending off a new killer. This could return the story to Woodsboro and introduce some much needed new blood.

‘Scream’ gets Wes Craven’s ‘New Nightmare’ treatment


What if Scream 5 was about the original cast of Scream making the movie (or a sequel) in real life? This is the only theory that brings back Skeet Ulrich and this guy has only gotten hotter and better at acting as he’s aged (check out Riverdale if you’re skeptical). The whole crew could get calls from Ghostface as the line between “fiction” and “reality” blurs. This would be super interesting as the whole series has hinted at this kind of “film within a film” theme but taking it to this new level would really allow some fresh scares and begin a new chapter of the franchise.

A found footage film

Scream 4

Remember all the footage Roman took of Sidney and the crew dating back to the events before Maureen Prescott’s murder? He had Billy and Maureen’s affair, Randy’s death, and I’m sure a lot of stuff we didn’t see in Scream 3 between the Stab movie and his circular homicidal exploits. We also have all the camera footage from Scream 4 to play with. This entire story could be rebooted in a fresh way by telling the story with found footage. There’s a lot of stuff from Maureen’s past that could be explored and we could revisit all of our beloved characters that have since been killed off.

At one time, Kevin Williamson (the writer of the original Scream as well as hits like Dawson’s Creek, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and The Vampire Diaries) had written concepts for movies up to Scream 6. My personal hope is that this master storyteller is hired to do right by the next film. If anyone could create a satisfying new chapter in one of my favorite horror stories of all time, it’s him.


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