Here’s The New Horror Coming To Netflix In December 2019

December 1

Dead Kids — Netflix original

An outcast gets caught up in a deadly plot to take out a popular kid in High school. It’s not in English, but it looks scary!

Cut Bank

A thriller with Liam Hemsworth!

December 2

Nightflyers: Season 1

A scifi show about our first space encounter with aliens in the near future. Based on a story by Game of Thrones writer George R. R. Martin.

December 5

V Wars — Netflix Original

An infectious disease turns humans into vampires.

December 6

The Confession Killer — Netflix Documentary

A very creepy documentary about Henry Lee Lucas, who convincingly confessed to hundreds of murders, despite not being an actual killer.

December 9

It Comes At Night

An extremely suspenseful slow burn horror. Turn the lights off and pay attention!

December 18

Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer — Netflix Documentary

Uncovering the man behind a series of highly disturbing videos.

December 20

The Witcher — Netflix Original

A fantasy drama that seems like it might be horror adjacent? It’s the story of a famous monster hunter from the distant past.

December 25


A woman who washes ashore a deserted island slowly realizes she might not be alone.

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