Here Are All The Horror Movies Coming To Netflix In October 2019

October 1

Along Came a Spider

Along Came a Spider

A really great 90’s murder thriller in the Alex Cross series that was made as a sequel to the other great 90’s thriller Kiss the Girls. Definitely worth a watch!

House of the Witch

House of the Witch

A perfectly seasonal made-for-tv movie about a group of kids who try to spend the night in a haunted house on Halloween.

Scream 2

Scream 2

This means you’ll be able to watch Scream 1-4 all on Netflix. Time to plan an entire Scream-based movie weekend!

Sinister Circle

Sinister Circle

A ouija board horror movie you should watch while playing with a ouija board ;).

October 4

Creeped Out: season 2

Somehow I missed the first season of this but it looks like a pretty decent anthology horror show.

In the Tall Grass

A Stephen King and Joe Hill joint about some kids who get lost in tall grass and find a sinister force chasing them. It sounds a lot like King’s Children of the Corn but without the creepy religious factor.

October 11

Forest of Love

A fictional cult leader leads his followers down a grisly path. I hope it’s as good as Ti West’s The Sacrament


A Netflix original about a man whose family disappears from a strange hospital during what should have been a routine scan.

Haunted: season 2

Haunted: season 2

Season 2 of the surprisingly unsettling series about people recounting their paranormal experiences.

October 16th

Sinister 2

One of my favorite horror movies. A deeply unsettling plot about a haunted farmhouse and an abusive family.

October 25


A group of friends discovers their neighbors are being killed and replaced by dopplegangers.


A single mother makes a gruesome bargain to save her child’s life.


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