Why It’s Important To Know Kim Kardashian Photoshops Her Instagram Pics

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram

One of Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram pics is photoshopped.

She presents it casually, as something she just “found”, but you can tell from the wonky lines in the door behind her that it’s been edited.


Previously Kim posted this shopped pic to her Insta (you can tell from the super crazy car behind her) which she explained as having come from a fan.

Why is this important?

It’s hard not to look at aspirational Instagrams like Kim’s and not wish you had her money or her relationship or her body — so it’s important to remember that not even Kim herself has these things. At least not the version she presents to the world. It’s easy to make things look easy (especially when you can have someone photoshop any details you don’t like).

We don’t see what happens behind closed doors (or in an editing bay).

I’m not shaming Kim for wanting to look perfect — we put an enormous amount of pressure on women to be attractive. Kim’s empire literally depends on it. But I think all of us viewers can have a better relationship with our own lives and bodies if we take everything she presents to us with a big grain of salt. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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