Missy Elliott Loves That Britney Spears Is THRIVING

Britney Spears Instagram

One of my favorite parts of Instagram is Britney Spears posting updates of herself thriving. Sometimes she’s painting, sometimes she’s dancing with her insanely hot boyfriend, and sometimes she’s just showing off her six pack.

Yesterday, she posted a video of herself doing a backflip:

Her transformation from (also iconic) 2008 Britney (think shaved head and attacking the paparazzi with an umbrella while on a McFlurry run) is pretty remarkable. She’s still under the conservatorship of her father and attorney from the time 10 years ago when they thought she was a danger to herself. It’s one of the reasons I think we’re all rooting for her.

Here’s Missy Elliott saying what we’re all thinking about one of Britney’s latest videos:

The video, which Spears posted Friday, does look like it is truly the stuff fairy tale endings are made of:

Good for you Britney. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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