I’m So Proud Of Luann!!!

Luann de Lesseps is truly an inspiration in getting back up after you fall.

Last year she went through a public and humiliating relationship with Tom D’Agostino Jr. that ended in a divorce announcement. One year after their December 2016 Palm Beach wedding Luann was back in Palm Beach, single and drinking. A night of boozing turned into an arrest for disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest, battery of an officer, and making threats against a public servant.

Luann entered rehab and has opened up about how she was drinking more than 7 drinks per day before she was arrested. She’s currently sober (though she plans to drink in moderation again when her mental health is better) and has been doing meditation and yoga to deal with the stress of the last year.

Yesterday, she showed off her figure after a few months of not drinking and doing yoga. Luann is 52, but for any age she looks INCREDIBLE:

I’m not just proud of Luann because she looks amazing, but losing 700 calories a day (that’s 5 pounds a month worth of calories) and starting a yoga practice is going to make anyone more confident in their body. I’m also proud of her for being so honest about the tough year she’s had and the amount she was drinking. You can see in her smile that she’s really embracing dealing with her past and putting it behind her. This is a good example for how someone can experience a difficult time and work past it.

I’m so happy Luann is thriving. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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