Bella Hadid Shows Us How We Should All Deal With Negative Comments On Instagram

Bella Hadid Instagram

A Bella Hadid fan account posted a photo asking followers to pick Bella or Kendall Jenner. No one has to choose between the two models, but asking the question gets people to comment — which means the account would appear more often in Instagram’s Discover algorithm.

One commenter took it too far, saying: “2 fake bitches sitting in a tree, first comes the nose job, then come the lips, oh and don’t forget the built in cheeks. lmao y’all trippin’ fam, money can get you a new face but not a nicer personality which these two girls need.”

Bella Hadid herself happened to see the comment and actually responded:


The Insta troll later responded to people calling her out, saying it was all fake news: “maybe ask me what I meant instead of taking things out of context. Your portrayal of me is highly inaccurate and you’ve got your facts wrong. Unfair and erroneous partial coverage, not good reporting” and then changed her Insta bio to “I’m not jealous of Bella, sorry if I hit soft spot sweatheart.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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