Another Celeb Talks About Body Positivity On Instagram

Caity Lotz Instagram

Best known for playing Don Draper’s waif-ish pseudo niece Stephanie Horton on Mad Men, Caity Lotz is the last person you’d think would be insecure about her appearance. But the star recently opened up on Instagram, saying she sometimes wishes she looked like Sofia Vergara:

“Some people think my body is too muscular, too skinny, too boyish. Some people will think it’s beautiful, powerful, sexy. Do I struggle with accepting my body type? Umm yes. Would I like having curves like @sofiavergara? Umm yes, but if we all looked the same that would be boring. Like painting the sunset all in one color. All the “right” curves in all the “right” places? There is no right and wrong when it comes to the body God has given you. I see a lot of online body shaming, if someone’s body is not to your liking…keep it to yourself. It’s not your body and making people feel insecure won’t help them and it definitely won’t help you. #bodypositive”

Some people might not think it’s inspirational for a stereotypically beautiful actress to say she’s insecure about her body, too. Personally, I find it helpful to remember that it’s something everyone deals with. If I get caught up in feeling less than while looking at someone else’s body or aesthetic, I remember that if I was magically transported into that person’s life I could spend just as much time wishing I was someone else.

Wherever you are is the place to start loving yourself because these Instagram posts from beautiful people show that getting to your goal weight or getting different clothing or whatever else isn’t that magic formula that’s going to make you feel confident. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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