Cool Things Woke Men Do On International Women’s Day

Woke men police women’s feminism and tell them when they are a good enough feminist.

Woke men badger women to tell their #metoo stories so that they can feel woke.

Woke men then get angry when they aren’t given access to profit from women’s personal lives.

Woke men get profiles in the New Yorker’s culture section on International Women’s Day to talk about what great woke men they are for building a career as a best-selling author by restating women’s pain back to women.

I’m Priscilla / Unsplash Twitter

Woke men believe women are so special they just need a man to show them a small amount of attention in order to finally feel confident. And yes, he makes money off being so woke.

Woke men use International Women’s Day to promote their company, despite their company having nothing to do with women.

Woke men define what “attractive” women are and then pat themselves on the back for molding women into what they personally find attractive.

IDK guys it seems like you could just casually acknowledge women like you would acknowledge any other human and not make it about yourself? That would be cool? Or feel free to make it all about yourself without using caring about women/feminism as a costume you wear while doing it. Either is preferable!!! TC mark

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