24 Facts About The Creepy History Of The Shanley Hotel

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[*] The Shanley hotel is a bed and breakfast located in Napanoch, NY. Not to be confused with the Stanley hotel in Estes Park, CO where Stephen King stayed when he was inspired to write The Shining. For reasons unrelated to King’s visit, the Stanley hotel is also considered to be haunted.

[*] Because of the frequency of paranormal experiences guests have at the hotel, no one under the age of 16 is allowed to stay there. You must also sign a waiver before you spend the night.



[*] James and Beatrice Shanley purchased the property in 1906.

[*] Thomas Edison and Eleanor Roosevelt once stayed at the hotel.

[*] The location always seemed cursed. The Shanleys lost three children (Kathleen, James, William) in the home, all died before their 1st birthday.

[*] In 1911 a hotel employee’s daughter (Rosie) was killed when she fell into a nearby well.

[*] In 1918 Beatrice Shanley’s sister died in the hotel from the flu.

[*] In the 1920’s a bordello was built in the hotel where liquor was sold during Prohibition.

[*] In 1979 William Blackmur died while in residence at the hotel.

[*] Guests at the Shanley have experienced the whole gamut of paranormal activity: “rocking chairs seen rocking on their own, mysterious clock chimes, cold and hot spots, whistling, footsteps, piano music, voices, the laughing of children – even the aromas of cooking when no food is being prepared. Many have seen shadows and apparitions at the Shanley, and report the feeling of being watched.”

[*] The Shanley was featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters.

[*] The property has passed through a whopping 20 owners, one of the most recent ones, Sal Nicosia, purchased it in 2015 without (somehow??) realizing it was haunted.

[*] The hotel has 35 rooms including secret passages, bedrooms, and the bordello.

[*] The Shanley hotel currently sells candles with “scents” inspired by different spirits who haunt the hotel. There are 12 scents.

Descriptions of the different spirits haunting the hotel

[*] A ghost cat.

[*] A mourning woman. (This is likely Beatrice Shanley, mourning the deaths of her three children).

[*] James Shanley, who whistles, smells of tobacco, and wanders the hallways.

[*] A victorian woman.

[*] “Emma” the spirit of a former cook. (Typically appears through food smells, when no food is present or being cooked at the hotel).

[*] Children: likely Kathleen, James, and William Shanley along with an older (around 5-years-old) boy.

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[*] Rosie, the girl who fell down the well.


[*] The Shanley Hotel is currently being modeled you can see before and after pics here.

[*] You can book a stay at the Shanley Hotel here.

[*] Ouija boards are not allowed on the hotel grounds. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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