A Comprehensive List Of Horror Movies And True Crime Documentaries Every Horror Fan Should Watch

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This week I rounded up a bunch of horror movie recommendations that will make your “What should I watch next?” list a whole lot longer. Our friends over at The Lineup have a seemingly endless supply of recommendations on killer (pun intended) documentaries, horror movies, and true crime shows you may not have seen before.

I present to you this list of lists you should bookmark and work your way through:

Dear Zachary: The Most Heartbreaking True Crime Documentary You’ll Ever See

Dear Zachary

This is a truly gut-wrenching true crime documentary about a man whose childhood best friend was murdered by his estranged girlfriend. The “Zachary” in question is the murdered man’s newborn son, who the documentary is dedicated to.

12 Fresh and Terrifying Horror Movies You Can Stream on Netflix Right Now

Would You Rather

There’s never a bad time for someone to send me a new list of horror movies that are streaming on Netflix. For someone reason someone else’s recommendation always makes something sound better than me mindlessly scrolling through and reading a plot synopsis.

The Staircase: A True Crime Documentary That Surprises Even After It Ends

The Staircase

I am OBSESSED with the staircase murder!!

This is such an interesting case and everyone who is interested in true crime should watch this documentary and then email me their hypothesis.

The 9 Best Ghost Movies That Will Chill You to the Bone

The Others

In my dream relationship we have a “ghost movie” theme weekend and watch all of these ghost movies in 72 hours.

11 Scariest Haunted House Movies to Freak You Out in Your Own Home

The Conjuring

I love this list because for me, the very best horror movies are the ones that make you feel creeped out in a place where you previously felt safe.

10 Underrated Horror Movies That You Need to See, According to Reddit

The Fourth Kind

“Underrated” horror lists are always good because there is such a large volume of horror produced every year and the quality really varies. I like to check in with other people and make sure I haven’t missed any good horror movies.

6 Scary Documentaries That Will Make Your Heart Pound

My Amityville Horror

I don’t seek out documentaries as often as I should. It doesn’t occur to me, but I know that when I find a truly scary one, it’s much, much more unsettling than a horror movies. This is a good list of frightening documentaries every horror fan should watch.

10 Great Horror Movies You Need to See

The Vanishing

I had only seen two of these horror movies, which was a total waste! They are all good and gripping in their own way, especially The Vanishing if you haven’t seen it. Required viewing for anyone who loves the genre.

9 (More) Underrated Horror Movies You Need to Watch Right Now


Have you seen Coherence??? Most people haven’t. You need to watch it!

12 Twisted Psychological Thriller Movies That Will Mess with Your Head

Black Swan

I’m a big horror movie fan and this is honestly my favorite type of horror movie. I’m a sucker for a good twist ending. If I didn’t see it coming, it’s going to be one of my favorite movies.

23 True crime Documentaries You Can Stream on Netflix Right Now

The Seven Five

Another way to navigate the Netflix maze. I can’t wait to dive into these!

What hidden gems have you found on Netflix, Hulu, or Shudder? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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