All The Stories Say Slender Man Targets People Who Learn About Him, Are You Brave Enough To Watch The Movie Trailer?

Most people first heard about Slender Man when two girls in Wisconsin (allegedly) stabbed a 12-year-old classmate 19 times as part of a ritual they believed would make them “proxies” for Slender Man. The rest of us having been reading about him on the internet for years and following the Marble Hornets series on YouTube.

The new Slender Man movie is somewhere in between: the movie follows four young girls performing a Slender Man ritual as they try to debunk the phenomena as an urban legend.

The movie looks creepy, and there’s one scene in particular I know is going to stick with viewers but fair warning before you watch: a big part of the Slender Man mythology is that the more you look into him, read about him, or watch videos about him — the more likely he is to take notice and start to appear in your life.

Here’s the trailer:

Slender Man will be in theaters May 18. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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