The 7 Scariest Horror Movies Streaming On Netflix This Weekend (Weekend Of 10/13/17)

Children of the Corn

Now that fall is in full swing, it’s the perfect weekend to rewatch this classic. Pick of the Stephen King short story and head to a corn maze if you want to make an entire Children of the Corn themed weekend. There are some moments that haven’t aged well, but in general I think people forget how unsettling the original was because the franchise kind of went off the rails a bit.


If you’re in the mood for a classic slasher movie, Hush is one of the best ones in the last few years. There’s a nice little twist (the heroine is deaf) that makes it feel new while still being a pretty traditional horror movie.

13 Cameras

There was never much buzz about this movie, but the bad guy is super frightening. Definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Use this horror season to dive into at least one classic and understand how the genre got its start. This is a classic for a reason.

The Sixth Sense

Technically a thriller, but I thought this one was worth including because it has some genuine scares, and because most people never bothered to rewatch it after they learned the ending for the first time. You’ll forget how freaky it was!


I hadn’t heard anyone talk about this movie before I put it on. It was a slow burn (maybe better for an afternoon movie than a night one) but the end was truly frightening and I enjoyed the overall movie. The best part of this one is that the scares stick with you, so you’ll be creeped out all weekend.

The Houses October Built

This is the perfect time of year to watch this bizarre found footage movie that ends up being VERY scary. If you’re planning to go to a haunted house this year, make sure you watch this first. Also, the sequel just came out! It’s not on Netflix yet, but you can rent it on YouTube. TC mark

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