The 7 Best Horror Movies Streaming On Netflix This Weekend (Weekend Of 10/20/17)


This Stephen King adaption looks scary AF and it just hit Netflix today!!

The Babysitter

This Netflix original premiered on the service last week. I’ve heard mixed reviews with some of my friends loving it and other’s hating it, but I’m happy to see more horror getting made (even horror that’s comedy heavy) and I’m pumped to check it out.

Tiger House

This is a good home invasion horror flick I haven’t heard many people talk about. It takes place in a house when a girl sneaks in to visit her boyfriend — and his family is suddenly taken hostage. A strong female lead!


A good deep cut about a chance encounter that leads to a girl being terrorized on an empty college campus during a holiday weekend.

The Rezort

I thought this movie about a dystopian future where you can “hunt” zombies like big game on reserves was really interesting. It’s scary to think about in a “this could actually be the future of humanity” kind of way.

The Craft

This is a must watch every October for me to get into the spooky spirit. It’s not super scary (though it has it’s moments) but it’s such a fun flick and you’ll draw fashion inspo from all the cool witchy 90’s kids.

The Holidays

A horror anthology that puts a creepy spin on every holiday. It’s something most people haven’t seen and sometimes it’s fun to sit down and watch a bunch of shorts instead of getting immersed in longer stories — like when you’re watching with friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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