27 Of The Best Horror Movies You Can Stream On Hulu Right Now

If you haven’t heard, Hulu’s horror selection is better than Netflix.

Blair Witch

This is the new version that came out last year! I was surprised to find such a big movie streaming already.

What Lies Beneath

This is an underrated horror thriller from 2000. It’s a good rainy afternoon movie if you want to get in a creepy mood.

The Silence of the Lambs

This one is worth a rewatch every year. I was surprised to see it streaming for free this month and watched it one night. I realized I had forgotten how good the movie was, and how freaky Anthony Hopkins’ performance was.

The Faculty

One of my favorite scary movies and full of fun 90’s nostalgia. A group of high school students fight back against an alien invasion.

The Thing

A must watch for any horror fan, one of the best movies in the genre.

The Boy

I saw this in the theater and there were some really freaky moments. I’m sure it will be a little bit cheesier on the small screen when you’re not as immersed in the movie as in the theater, but I imagine it’s still going to be very enjoyable, especially if you like to guess how things are going to end.

Knock Knock

Keanu Reeves stars in this movie about a family man who is terrorized by two hot girls. Yes, it’s basically a fantasy movie.

Pet Sematary

A classic!

Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane

The original Cloverfield is streaming along with the totally (or at least, seemingly) disconnected events of Cloverfield in which a woman who wakes up in a bomb shelter and isn’t sure whether the guy who brought her there is her captor or her savior. A good time to watch since the third Cloverfield movie, God Particle is coming out next year.

Halloween H20

The best in the Halloween series since the original two — plus a fun 90’s flashback to Josh Hartnett’s hair.

Kiss the Girls

Technically a thriller, not a horror movie, but one of my favorites and something that scares me when I’m alone.


If you haven’t seen this since 2002 when it came out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find yourself scared again.

The Fog

Will creepy you out if the weather outside matches.

The Amityville Horror

If you haven’t seen the original with James Brolin and Margot Kidder, you’re missing out on a solid scare.

All Good Things

A slow burn, but scary. Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst star in a movie about the real crimes of Robert Durst.


A gory horror flick that’s terrifying in the most obvious way possible. If you’re looking for suspense and depth, this isn’t really the right one from this list.

The Haunting in Connecticut

Based on the true story of the Snedecker family (one of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s investigations).

Fright Night

A fun remake of a horror classic.

Devil’s Advocate

A really good horror thriller that will have you glued to your seat.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

A must-see classic horror movie if you’ve somehow missed it all these years.


I am legally obligated to watch and recommend anything with Adam Scott.

The Killer Inside Me

I could tell you why I liked this movie, or I can just tell you that Stanley Kubrick said it was “Probably the most chilling and believable first-person story of a criminally warped mind I have ever encountered.”


Low-budget, but scary.

Killer Legends

A horror documentary, not a horror movie, but one of my absolute favorites and VERY creepy. The guy who voices this needs to do a bunch more!

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

The scariest film in the series, in my opinion. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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