If You’re Not Watching This Season Of ‘American Horror Story’ You’re Missing Out On The Best Season Yet

AHS Cult

This season of American Horror Story is the best one since Murder House. Like the pilot season, this year’s story (Cult) is set in the normal world. There’s no witches, no ghosts, no paranormal entity: just the suburbs we’re supposed to feel safe in. To me, this is the scariest setting for any story because it mirrors my world. You expect creepy shit to happen in an asylum, but not in a house that looks just like yours.

Cult revolves around a woman named Ally (Sarah Paulson) who lives with her wife and son in suburban Michigan. After the election of Donald Trump, phobias from Ally’s past come back into play and her mental health becomes unbalanced. Her fears seem to be more rational when it becomes clear that a serial killer is on the loose. If you’re worried this season is “too political”, this is not the case. Trump and political issues are mentioned frequently, but both sides are lampooned and the references tend to be more funny than cutting. I hate hearing about politics and I find the writing to be really good and love the combination of scary and hysterical.

AHS Cult

This season genuinely feels scary. There are a lot of creepy clowns and some intense “is someone else in the house?” moments. The murder mystery element is a lot more interesting (and scary) than what other seasons have focused on. It feels like something that could happen in your neighborhood (in your worst nightmares). Check out the creepy symbol the person responsible for the killings leaves behind:

AHS Cult

This season also has an amazing cast. I’m loving Billy Eichner as Ally’s neighbor and Evan Peters is his best character in the series as intense blue-haired Trump supporter Kai Anderson.

AHS Cult

If you haven’t been watching, the third episode just aired last night. There’s still plenty of time to get caught up and enjoy a great season! TC mark


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