10 Classic Horror Movies Everyone Should See At Least Once

You don’t need blood and guts to make a movie scary. Classic horror movies rely on suspense and storytelling, they’re the kind of movies that stick with you. Here are ten every horror fan should see at least once:

Night of the Living Dead

“They’re coming for you Barbra.”

Creature from the Black Lagoon

If you don’t think you can get nightmares from a black and white movie, try this one.


THE Lugosi classic.

The Haunting

A way better (and scarier) adaptation of the Shirley Jackson classic than the 1999 Catherine Zeta Jones version.

Carnival of Souls

A slow-paced, creepy flick that will give you a newfound appreciation for suspense.


You won’t realize how many elements of other horror films are influenced by this one until you see it.


If you’re not into “old” movies, start with this one. It suspenseful and eerie, it will get under your skin.

Cat People

You will be afraid of your cat after this.

Eyes Without a Face

This movie inspired John Carpenter when he was dreaming up Michael Myers.


No list like this would be complete without the Alfred Hitchcock classic. You can’t call yourself a horror fan until you’ve seen (and loved) this one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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