Two ‘Real Housewives’ Have Beef Over A Photo Of A Tree Because Holy Shit, They Really Have Nothing Better To Do

Yolanda Hadid and Carole Radziwill

I always thought if I was rich and famous my life would be full of private planes and laying next to various pools and traveling with friends. Even if I was moderately rich and famous, I’d still have a lot to do — like, don’t those people go to a lot of lunches? Apparently not so much for Real Housewives star Carole Radziwill who has enough leftover time to stare into the depths of Instagram, looking for something to be upset about.

Here, she called out fellow Houswives star Yolanda Hadid for reposting her boyfriend Adam Kenworthy’s Instagram without crediting him:

Yolanda Hadid Instagram

Indeed, a few days earlier Carole’s bf did post the same banal image of a tree:

Adam Kenworthy Instagram

But um… who cares?

Seriously. Who cares? I mean, I’m not rich or famous and I don’t have time to do this. Adam isn’t a photographer, he’s a chef/famewhore. It’s not like stealing a comedian’s jokes or a writer’s words and passing their art off as your own. Yolanda is FAMOUSLY a kind of out of it tech unsavy mom. Nothing on her entire Instagram feed is original:

Yolanda Hadid

Yolanda doesn’t credit the professional photographers who take modeling shots of her daughters, or the paparazzi whose photos she also posts — why is she going to credit Carole’s slimer boyfriend? And, to be fair, the real blame here lies with Instagram who could solve the problem of so many people’s creative content being repurposed without credit if they just gave people a way to “retweet” images they liked that was built into the app and didn’t require a third party download.

And, by the way. Here are some instances in which Carole has used someone else’s content on Instagram without crediting:







You get the point.

We’ll standby as #treegate2017 develops. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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