Here Are All Your Favorite Celebrities Attempting The ‘Mannequin Challenge’

Make sure your sound is on!

Here’s Britney Spears and crew trying it out

Troye Sivan got his entire audience to try it, and the results are mesmerizing:

And with his band:

Michelle Obama did it with the Cleveland Cavaliers

Dream Kardashian did it in utero

Steph Curry did it in the middle of a pop-up San Francisco restaurant

Kevin Hart’s mid-workout attempt is hysterical

Paul McCartney did it

Derek Hough got the entire cast of ‘Hairspray Live’

Kelly Rowland did it

Hillary Clinton’s campaign team (RIP) did it

Adele did it to Johnny Cash

Ellen did it (of course Ellen did it)

Here’s the set of Dancing With The Stars giving it a try

James Corden and the Late Late Show

The cast and crew of The Edge of Seventeen

The Pittsburgh Steelers did it in the locker room

The Sacramento Kings did it on a busy road

And if you haven’t yet seen these adorable (not-famous) toddlers try and fail at the challenge, here you are:

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