17 Truths About Being A Woman Who Cooks

Leo Hidalgo
Leo Hidalgo

1. People assume you have great recipes but you actually don’t have any! You know the ratios you need to hit for certain dishes but in general you just put things together that have great flavors and textures and add as you go along. You’ve discovered your favorite meals this way, though you never cook them exactly the same way twice.

2. You don’t understand people who tell you they don’t have time to cook. It’s so enjoyable to come home after a long day of work and relax by making yourself a nice meal. You love that cooking is something you get to do every day.

3. But as practical as cooking is, it’s also a very emotional hobby. Cooking for your significant other or family is one way you show your love. You literally nourish their bodies — and nothing makes you happier.

4. Food trends make you LOL a bit. It’s like one day the whole world discovered that eggs were delicious in almost every dish — despite the fact that you’ve been doing that for years. Oh well, at least they are enjoying food!

5. The more you learn about food and the better you get at cooking, the less tolerance you have for shitty chain restaurants. Going to good restaurants is so fun — you get to see how the pros do it and get a bunch of inspiration for dishes you want to try at home. But why would anyone want an Applebees burger? You could make something so much better yourself while you save up to splurge at a good restaurant.

6. Sometimes you think being a great cook is like a secret superpower you have — especially when it comes to dating. You’ll always have a way to WOW someone, if you can just lure them into your kitchen.

7. Shows like Top Chef and Masterchef are a God send. It’s so fun to watch other people who love to cook compete with each other — and it’s a great source of inspiration for new things to try at home.

8. Chances are, you aren’t the only woman in your family who loves to cook. There’s a solidarity with other women your close with as you share what you’ve been trying lately.

9. Many of your memories are food related. One of my earliest memories is baking bread with my grandmother — picking the kind we’d make, kneading it out, impatiently letting it rise overnight. Every place I’ve lived has other memories of the dinner parties I’ve hosted there, and how happy and full everyone was sitting around the table talking and laughing.

10. If you could tell the food world anything it would be to establish some kind of parameters about how recipes are written. When you want to try something new you it’s hard to figure out what super fancy chefs are talking about — but you don’t want to slum with with too easy About.com recipes either. If only there was a Dictionary.com for food terms that told you everything you needed to know about a word or ingredient… including where to find it in the grocery store.

11. Every Christmas and birthday gift request is the same — fancier cookware.

12. The dishes never stop. Some people never have dishes because everything they eat is already made. Your sink is full after every. single. meal.

13. You have opinions about “celebrity” chefs like The Pioneer Woman and Paul Deen. You think the semi-homemade lady on Food Network is a hack.

14. Your biggest dating fear is meeting someone who won’t do leftovers.

15. You LIVE for boutique grocery stores where you can find the really fancy cheeses and pricey, high-quality ingredients. But, you also know how to make the food you buy in the Target grocery section taste just as expensive.

16. You have other hobbies (and a job) but nothing beats the sense of accomplishment you feel when you make something for someone you love and they can’t stop raving about it.

17. You’re convinced you’re going to have your own cookbook one day (despite not really using recipes). You know what the cover will look like and what the theme will be. Sometimes when you’re cooking you “practice” explaining how to prepare what you’re making. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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