When You Break Your Best Friend’s Heart

Flickr / Soumyadeep Paul
Flickr / Soumyadeep Paul

When you break your best friend’s heart, you break your own. When you break your best friend’s heart, you feel it in the very core of your being – the sharp pains in the chest that feel like a heart attack but are really just the emotional shocks that come with the realization that the person he is in love with and cares for most in the world will only ever care for him platonically.

For you, they will go away quickly, but your best friend will feel it every time he is reminded of you for days and weeks and months on end.

When you break your best friend’s heart you lose your confidante. He often asks for space or for you to leave him be until he feels his is ready to speak with you again. This can take days or weeks or months, and it is the most painful time period because you no longer have your closest companion.

You no longer have your person you can talk to about how stressful work is or the most embarrassing thing you did that day. You have lost the privilege and the right to talk to him first because you are the one who broke him and now you must wait for him to repair himself without you.

When you break your best friend’s heart, you don’t always get him back. Sometimes, he is lost in the sea of people you once knew and cared for deeply and though you ache to reach out to him with every fiber of your being you know you can’t because that would perpetuate his pain even more. So for his sake, you leave him be, and sometimes, you have to leave him be forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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