This Is To The Girls That Love Too Much, Too Quickly

This is for all of the girls that wear their heart on their sleeve. The girls that love too much, too quickly, that tell their secrets too soon because they want someone to listen and not just hear them. The ones that would give the shirt off their back for anyone because that’s just what you should do for the people you love.

The girls that will soon have hearts like the rest, cold and guarded because they’ve been hurt too many times.

You’re sick of hearing “you’ll find someone”, and you’re sick of hearing “you deserve better” when some guy has done you wrong. Tired of being told you’re sweet and fragile, quiet and courteous when the reality is you’re trying to quiet the screaming in your head.

You’ll play with the stray ends on your hair and bite your nail when people tell you you’re “too nice”, dying to yell, to lash out because you’re so sick of reserving yourself.

For far too long, you’ve curled your hair and parted it neatly to the side, smiled sweetly to put on your blush, covering that blemish with concealer and carefully pulling pretty clothes on to keep being just that; pretty. Keeping your thoughts pretty for everyone and choosing pretty words before you speak, cautious not to offend anyone around you.

Blinking wide eyed green at everyone who tells you to “open up”, when they have no idea that every time you do, it’s as if you’ve just kicked down a wall to reveal strange, beautiful flowers and everyone is just ignoring you for the dandelions.

You’ll look down one day at your sleeve and rip that heart off, stomp it into the dirt and bury it deep. Forget about everything and start over new, lose the words that you’ve worn like a label for so long and be so much better than that.

You’ll create beautiful things to paint over the word pretty in your head, and you’ll see everyone that’s told you to dim the stars in your eyes and they’ll ask about you. You’ll be too busy being much more than pretty to answer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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