Take A Risk And Be My Friend

I’m Priscilla

Let’s be friends. Come on and talk to me. Say something. Anything. Your wide eyes and intriguing expression caught me off guard. But your charming smile and radiating warmth put me at ease. This connection, this spark, electrifies my spirit. And as I sense the possibilities, my mind runs rampant with the what could be and the what may be, if only you would breach this void and say something. Don’t complicate this. Don’t overthink this. Fight every painful memory of heartbreak and betrayal and disappointment and rejection. Let your guard down and let me in.

Let’s be friends. Come on and be spontaneous and adventurous. We can chase the fading sunlight and admire the endless starry nights. We can bask in the acoustics of live music and indulge in junk food and silly television. Run till our legs are sore and bodies ache. Drive through the vast country roads with the radio as our soundtrack and your intuition as our only sense of direction. Debate the morality of fictional characters and wax poetic about meaning and religion and life and purpose.

Let’s be friends. Come on and express yourself, freely and openly. Skip the formalities, the endless small talk of weather and weekend plans. Tell me about your hopes and dreams and deepest desires. Tell me what motivates you and what scares you. Share your best memory and the ones that still make you cry. Shower me with your favorites. Your favorite song. Your favorite movie. Your favorite way to spend your Sunday afternoon. Confess everything and anything on your mind because I want to hear it. I want to listen.

Let’s be friends. Come on and let me care for you, deeply and unconditionally. Let me be your confidant and the warrior for your happiness. Let me be your shoulder to cry on and the first you call with good news. I will cheer you on as you pursue your passions and ease your burden on stressful days. Let you choose on movie night. Give you my umbrella on rainy days. Share my books and music and art and my heart. Be it the middle of the day or midnight, I will be there. To support you. To challenge you. To dream with you. To accept every part of you, the good and bad.

Let’s be friends. Come on and take a risk. In this moment, with this look, I can sense you are unparalleled in your being. Unique and special are inferior descriptions of this feeling, this connection, we share. Please, don’t hesitate. Dive into the possibility of something real and don’t let this moment pass. I see you, heart and soul. And I’m here. Nervous. Scared. But here and ready. Come on and talk to me. Say something. Anything. I’ll meet you halfway. Come on. Let’s be friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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